ATTENTION all you DIYers out there!

Please review the supplied picture for pictorial information of the following:

Pictured are a complete hand dredge piston assembly, end caps and custom pommel style handle.
These are the critical parts needed to construct a hand dredge like the MOSCO-RO shown in another FissureMan listing.

There are many individual do-it-yourselfers that would like and are quite capable of constructing their own hand dredge rather than purchase a fully assembled product. Usually this entails being able to design and construct a viable piston as well as the ancillary parts needed to make their dream come true.

Truth be told, one can probably find all the basic piece parts needed to string these items together - if only we knew how....or had the necessary tools.

Well this product offering takes away most of the "if onlys" and provides for a well constructed and properly engineered group of the most important parts needed to construct a hand dredge like the MOSCO-RO or other similar type product offered elsewhere.

All the guess work and a significant amount of the leg work has been done for you - all you need is some 1.5" and 1/2" PVC pipe and desire to design and build your own hand dredge.

The piston and handle shown above will attach/glue directly onto a chosen length of 1/2" PVC pipe for the piston actuation rod/assembly.
The end caps are predrilled and one fitted with a 1/2" male thread for nozzle attachments and fit onto any length of common 1.5" ID schedule 40 PVC pipe.
All the components will fit whatever length hand dredge you would like to construct so you are not stuck with only one size to fit all.

All you need is your own abilitiy and desire to build a custom hand dredge and your there.

What you can expect to receive:
2 ea. Pre drilled 1.5" end caps
1 ea. 1.5" dual opposing Piston seal assembly
(as shown in picture)

Price: $21.50
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