This product system is provided to address requests received from individuals shopping for FissureMan Online products that would like to be able to purchase a complete system rather than choosing the individual items from this website. This SMS is comprised of a FissureMan No-Frills Hand Dredge body and a SANDMAN Attachment that will allow the mass collection of material at 1.00" or smaller.

The SMS has been expertly manufactured and designed using the features found on the advanced FissureMan hand dredge models. This design allows for future upgrade of the system with additional sniping nozzles and collection capabilities at a later date.
The product system offered comes supplied with a 1.5" ID FATBoy nozzle plus 1 - 1/2" ID nozzle tube with 4 interchangeable nozzle tips for sniping. This provides a complete collection capability that will allow setup at a given location in a stream bed to provide the prospector an ability to access and easily retrieve gold or gemstone bearing material for processing in sluices, high bankers, spiral wheel separators or any chosen piece of processing equipment.
With the two-gallon collection capacity, the
SMS easily collects large quantities of material (literally gallons!) very quickly. This is a great tool to use where a powered dredge is not allowed to move large volumes of material from under water almost as easily as some powered dredges. No more lost time and/or fatigue from transferring small amounts of material to and fro to your processing equipment as performed with common open-ended hand dredges. The SMS provides volume material collection performance that far out paces any one pull and dump simple hand dredge designs.

Concerning check valves:
Check valves come in an assortment of mechanical designs to be used for various functional requirements. Many check valve designs are made for liquid or gas control.
One specific valve design used for slurry control is the Swing Check Valve.
(Definition of "slurry": "a watery mixture of insoluble matter")
The Swing Check Valve has been in use for over 80 years to control the flow of slurries of various material types from abrasives to sludge. This design is used because particulate matter within the flow stream does not adversely affect its operation.
It should be noted that
FissureMan check valves are not standard off-the-shelf hardware store check valves that are normally used to transfer clear or semi-clear fluids.
The check valve used within the
SMS is a simplified version of the time-tested and reliable Swing Check Valve. They have been referred to loosely as flap valves.
FissureMan check valves are designed and constructed in-house to provide a valve system that works as required and by design, greatly reduce the occasional malfunction that might be experienced with other check valve designs.
For additional information regarding the check valve please visit:


NOTE: The above video was provided to exhibit the 2" FISSUREMAN II Basic Hand Dredge and SANDMAN attachment collection ability. This video is many years old now and various design elements of the overall SMS have changed somewhat. The exhibited information in the video, however, is still relevent as the overall check valve design and system capability have not changed. 

FissureMan Bucket Relief Valve or "BRV"

Available now!
A new collection bucket design.
FissureMan Online has been working on redesigning the round bucket for sometime now. Although we are not the first manufacturer to release a new design we do believe it to be the ultimate for ease of use when compared to any other design.
The lid is easy to open - it takes just one hand!. When closed, the lid is so secure that if loaded with material, turned upside down and shaken it won't open.
The BRV is incorporated just as on the original round bucket and works identical to what is shown in the video.
The new bucket is translucent (just as all white poly material is) and when in direct sunlight allows some view of how much material there is in the bucket.
There will be no need to take the hose off the bucket to unscrew the lid to gain access to the material - the lid is hinged!
Please refer to the picture below to see what the new design looks like.

Ø Incorporates the a 1.5"D x 8"L FATBoy nozzle.
Ø Ample six-foot (minimum) length of flexible discharge hose for easy bucket positioning.
Ø Able to collect material that is up to <1.00" and smaller in overall diameter - not just the sand.
Ø The hinge lid, square bucket provides a large 2-gallon collection capacity and incorporates the BRV - Bucket Relief Valve.
Ø Uses a check valves  that are inexpensive, easily accessed and that have the largest flow through ID.
Ø One additional nozzle tube (12"L .5" ID) that uses for provided interchangeable nozzle tips to be used for sniping/sampling.
Ø The hand dredge incorporates a heavy duty, 2" polymer butterfly piston seal.
Ø Fast, no wait shipment time combined with both pre and post sale customer assistance.



Find a suitable location containing plenty of sand, gravel, water and hopefully gold. Set and secure the collection bucket nearby and then pump the hand dredge to gain a prime and fill the bucket with enough water to weigh it down. This will provide initial stabilization for the bucket when you start to collect material. Begin suction collection of your material. Suction and collect as much material as the bucket can hold or that you can easily move to your processing equipment.
To empty, remove open the hinged lid on the bucket to transfer the collected material to your pan, sluice, high banker or whatever material processing equipment you prefer to use. Close the lid and begin again. It's as simple as that!


Operational tip: When in slow moving water you only have to set the bucket in place and begin collection. Within fast moving water it is advised that you tether the bucket with a rope or other suitable restraining strap attached to a stake or ground screw driven into the streambed or bank nearby. Alternatively, a large rock or other natural anchor will work as well. Tethering the bucket to yourself has been done but is not advised as fast moving water may pick up the bucket and carry it away and while doing so may possibly drag you down stream with it.

What you can expect to receive:
FissureMan II - 38" L Hand Dredge Body
SANDMAN Bucket Attachment
Which will include:
One 1.5" ID X 8" L x  60 degree FATBoy Nozzle
One ½" ID sniping nozzle tube and four interchageable tips
Two 1.00" ID Check Valves
6 Feet minimum of flexible collection hose
Two Gallon, vented square collection bucket
 Price: $113.50