The FissureMan AU HUNTER has been designed to be the most comprehensive replacement for all other manual suction dredge of similar designs currently found in the marketplace. This device not only incorporates the usual functions found in common gold suckers, it also incorporates unique features not yet identified within any of the other manual suction dredge designs previously available.


        >   Weighs in at a light 3 lb. 13 oz. fully assembled for use.
        >   Fast, twist to open, bayonet port connection for nozzle cap removal.
        >   Easily suctions and retains loosened sand and gravel materials < ½" overall diameter.
        >   Allows working of stream bed material with multiple suction and expulsion jets of water.
                  (Powered dredges use expulsion jets to assist breaking loose tight material for suction collection)
        >   Incorporates a heavy duty butterfly piston seal.  
        >   Provides the highest proven ram pressure to flow ratio of any manual suction dredge currently available.
        >   May be used to collect bulk stream material or just for sniping those hard to clean out crevices.
        >   Black and white color scheme.
        >   Fast shipment combined with both pre and post sale customer assistance for your complete buying satisfaction!


Place the nozzle tip at or in close against the selected area and then using a pulling motion on the piston handle, suction up the material. Then you may push the handle back down and flush water back into the same area before the next suction stroke to help break loose additional material .
Repeat the above process as many times as necessary to completely clean out a location to your satisfaction while emptying the various collected  material as needed. It's that simple!

The internal design of the collection chamber prevents the backwash of the liquefied solids through the suction tip, but not the water, so you can move as fast or slow as you like.
(There is never a worry of losing the material if the vacuum breaks because your thumb came off some vent hole too soon or you bump a rock while having to move the material quickly to a bucket!)  

How aggressively to suction or flush an area will be determined through actual practice since all users and their locations will be unique. No material that enters the collection chamber will be lost until the chamber is full.

As a location sampling device (while prospecting or searching for the best spot with the most "color" to work) this device can't be beat! The
AU HUNTER collects your sample of concentrates to facilitate  easy identification of the size and count of color at the sampling point. You can bypass a large portion of the usual labor and time consuming action of hand sampling.

You will be able to find the best spot to actually work before you get out the shovel or heavier classification and prospecting equipment used for intensive mining of an area.

Gold is where you find it - but it isn't everywhere!
Why work a gravel laden spot containing no color?
Remember to sample, sample, and then sample some more for the best spot to work.


Collection Tip: Just because the collection chamber is full doesn't mean you must stop and dump out the material. You may continue to collect material past this point and allow the piston chamber to hold the overflow if large volume collection is your desire (but expect to lose some material along the way). This method could double overall quantity collection of material between cleanouts.


Please be aware that you won't be purchasing a couple of lengths of unfinished plastic pipe stuck into one another using a skinny O-ring for a piston seal and some mismatched fittings glued in place for a simple sniping tube that just moves some dirt. That type of suction device was the only choice for the prospector of yesterday.

The technology for the recreational gold prospector offered here is far more refined and has been adjusted to allow for easier retrieval of gold bearing material found in those hard to hike or reach places. In the following text you will be reviewing information concerning a quality custom sampling & prospecting tool that works as explained.
This is the technology of  today ........>

If you are still interested in a unique and quality constructed Manual Suction Dredge, one that definitely won't look like it was built in a garage, then please read on and thank you for your interest!


There is no claim being made that this tool will find gold - that is the function of the knowledgeable prospector.
It is asserted with complete certainty that if placer gold is located where you are searching with a FissureMan -
you will be able to collect it!

  We bid you - Good Hunting!
What you can expect to receive:
2" ID dia. - 36" long - Manual Suction Dredge.
 4 -  Interchangeable nozzle tips
1 - 1/2" ID Nozzle Pipe

Price: $65.95


AU HUNTER is also an excellent companion tool for use in conjunction with a metal detector.
(Be sure you are using a waterproof coil if searching watery environments)

Search tip: Try de-tuning your metal detector to identify black sand deposits instead of eliminating the noisy signature.
                 Use your detector in and around such holding structures as behind boulders, the slow inside bends of a stream 
                 bank, crevices or submerged gravel bars to name a few. Since heavy mineralized sand (black sand) collects at the
                 lowest points within these water environments, this would indicate the more likely areas where deposits of gold
                 bearing material may also be present. When you get a signal - start suctioning that spot with the FissureMan II to
                 see what may be hidden under the water or structure.

Processing tip: Check the material in the collection head by passing a metal detector over it with the piston retracted or seperated from the 
                       collection chamber - your detector will alert you if any sizable nuggets or chispas have been captured - No signal?- No panning

 You do not have to disassemble the entire unit to get at the collected fines - just loosen the three keeper bolts and remove the fines cup to  
 allow access to the collected material for inspection.

The descriptions that have been supplied here are but a few methods for accessing the material - you are not limited to doing it this way. Once you start using the
AU HUNTER you will find the best way to take advantage of this versatile tool that works well for you.