The Belt Mount Crevicing Dredge is a manual suction device designed to remove fine gold bearing material for the bottom of narrow cracks and crevices in bedrock.
Being worn on a users' belt, it allows one hand to specifically and accurately place the collection tube within a crevice right where it needs to be for best performance at all times during the collection operation.

A known design (offered elsewhere on the web) uses a short section of tubing that the user places in their mouth while holding the collection trap in their hand with the collection tube placed in a crack. The user must suck on the mouth tube to achive a suitable suction draw to collect material through the collection tube. While this design frees up one hand to be able to reposition the collection tube in the crevice during use -  it has one really
big problem.....

For those of you who don't know about this problem here is a short CDC description to explain:
Cryptosporidium is one of the most frequent causes of waterborne disease (drinking water and recreational water) among humans in the United States.
What is Crypto?
Crypto (krip-TOE), short for Cryptosporidium, is a germ that causes diarrhea. This germ is found in the fecal matter of an individual who has been infected by Crypto. It has a tough outer shell that allows it to survive for a long time in the environment. It can survive for days even in properly chlorinated pools.
The disease caused by infection with the germ Crypto is called cryptosporidiosis. Crypto is microscopic, so it can't be seen with the naked eye.
Why Should I Be Concerned about Crypto?
Crypto is one of the most common causes of recreational water illness (disease caused by germs spread through water) in the United States and can cause prolonged diarrhea (for 1-2 weeks). It can make anyone sick. During the past two decades, Crypto has become recognized as one of the most common causes of waterborne illness in the United States. The germ is found in every part of the United States and the world.
How do you contract this germ?
Swallowing recreational water contaminated with Crypto. You share the water-and the germs in it-with every person (or animal) who enters. This means that just one individual with diarrhea can easily contaminate the water. Swallowing even a small amount of water that has been contaminated with the Crypto germ can make you sick. Recreational water is water from swimming pools, hot tubs, fountains, lakes, rivers, springs, ponds, or streams that can be contaminated with sewage or feces from humans or animals.
Just in case you were not aware - people and animals do use natural waterways and the area around them as a toilet all the time.
I don't know about you -  but I don't like the idea of putting something in my mouth that has been in contact with water that could have had moose nuggets, bear terds or worse floating in it...

We are both sure that you won't be swirling the mouth piece of this type of device in the water and then putting it into your mouth on purpose but
you could very easily set it down for a moment on a wet rock only have it come in contact with something that you didn't notice and there you go -
One other thing to consider is no one else will likely want to put that same device into their mouth you have been slobbering on to help you collect material while you use a different tool....
The FissureMan Belt Mounted Hand Dredge does away with all the problems listed above and has added features not available with any of the other similar crevicing devices available:

                        - Mountable on either the users' right or left side.

                        - Can be used with or on any belt up to 2 1/4" wide.

                        - Does not require your mouth to be involved - except perhaps to extoll the virtues of this device.

                        - Provided with a clear collection trap to view material as collected.

                        - The collection trap is removeable while the pump head remains in place for easy material transfer.

                        - Easy to carry while being used in conjunction other FissureMan Hand Dredges.

                        - Constructed using light and strong schedule 40 PVC and ABS materials.

                        - Incorporates a heavy duty rubber bellows instead of the typical piston found with other crevicing and sniping devices.

                        - The 5/16" ID collection tube is an ample arm's length for access to those harder to reach or especially deep crevices.

                        - Removeable chrome plated 6" copper nozzle tip.

                        - Breaks down for easy storage or transporting within a backpack.

Using this device could not be more simple:

- With one hand, position the end of the collection tube into contact with the small, loosened material at the bottom of a water filled crack.
- Pull up on the bellows with the other hand to draw the water and material into the clear collection trap.
- Relax the bellows to put the excess water back into the crack and repeat.
- Reposition the tube as needed to gather all the material from the crack.
- Detach the collection trap from the pump head to remove the material and begin again.

PRICE: $45.50