BLUEDOG manual hand dredge for gold and gemstone prospecting


As has been indicated with the other FissureMan offerings, you will not be reviewing a couple of lengths of unfinished plastic pipe stuck together using some mismatched fittings and a skinny O-ring to make a common crevice sucker.

This device has been expertly manufactured using many of the proprietary design features found in the more advanced
FissureMan models. With its' four supplied nozzle tips this prospecting tool will allow a prospector to setup in one or another of multiple nozzle configurations providing the ability to access and allow easy retrieval of gold or gem bearing materials under various prospecting conditions. With a narrow body diameter and distinctive color, the BLUEDOG feels good in the hands and is easy on the eyes and is very easy to use!


                                       >        Two material access ports.
                                >        Butterfly piston seal.
                                >        1.75" diameter body for an easy grip.
                                >        Collection head incorporating a low loss internal nozzle extension.
                                >        Clear
SEEVIEW heavies cup.
                                >        Chambered design alows for multiple suction and expulsion strokes.
                                >        Easy use double right angle "T" piston handle.
                                >        Supplied with four custom, interchangeable nozzle tips.
                                >        Light weight at <2 lb. 1oz. fully assembled with nozzle pipe.
                                >        Sky Blue color finish.
                                >        Fast shipment combined with both pre and post sale customer assistance.
                                >        PROUDLY -

The collection chamber design performs a twofold purpose:

The first and foremost reason for this chamber design is the additional material holding capability -
a minimum of one full cup of material.

Second, the heavies such as gold or gemstone will drop first from the suctioned water within the cylinder. All simple open nozzle crevice suckers with not cup will inadvertently lose this material first during transfer to a sluice, bucket or pan due to inefficient material holding capability. The closed collection chamber design traps this valuable material as it travels down the lower surface of the piston's internal wall by gravity. The material will ultimately drop into the trap at the bottom of the collection chamber instead of falling out the open end of the nozzle.


In addition to the supplied SEEVIEW trap, the four interchangeable nozzle tips shown above are offered with the BLUEDOG to allow the user to collect from a range of crevice dimentions.

Accessing the collected material from the
BLUEDOG is as easy as removing the cup to drop the collected material into a bucket. Additionally, one can access the material from the nozzle end by removing the nozzle cap.

What you can expect receive:

31" Long x 1.75" diameter Manual Suction Dredge
One 10" nozzle pipe
 Four custom ½" ID specialty nozzle tips
SEEVIEW collection cup
Sky Blue & White coloration

Price: $42.50