Black nozzle Tips
Red nozzle tips

These nozzle tips have many qualities that may or may not be directly obvious

- Light weight and compact to be easily carried in a pocket or with less space taken or weight added to your backpack.

- Only one nozzle pipe is needed for any tip - no need  to have multiple nozzle pipes with various tip configurations.

- Greatest  range of possible tip configurations for various crevicing conditions.

- Slip on or off of any length of 1/2'" PVC pipe but still fit snug and do not easily come loose during use.

- Will retrofit to any FissureMan design straight ½" PVC nozzle pipe.
 (Also will fit any other manufacturer's ½"  nozzle pipe).

- Manufactured with a throat diameter to be slightly smaller that the ½" nozzle pipe ID to limit possible plugs to only the tip and not deep into the pipe.

- Float if dropped into water.

- Wear resistant TPEE engineering elastomer (rubberized plastic)


As every  sport fisherman knows - each type of fish requires a different form of lure, bait or specific tackle and technique  to catch.

Prospectors know every crevice or crack in a rock surface is as different as fish with just as diverse tool requirements to successfully get the material out.

Do you find yourself encumbered with multiple nozzle pipes that  must be carried around so you can get all the material you find?
Are your current nozzles just not really shaped right for those tight crevices or not the right dimensions needed for that particular crevice? Then please read on.......

The nine nozzle tip configurations shown above and are now availabe exclusively from FissureMan Online:
red and black are available as individual color packages)

1 - Small round (.160" ID - 1" tip depth of reach)
2 - Large slotted (.290" max opening - 1.2" tip - 30 degree. angled depth of reach)
3 - Large round (.290" ID - 1" tip depth of reach)
4 - Small slotted (.160" max opening - .8" tip - 30 degree angled depth of reach)
5 - Small slotted (.160" max opening - .8" tip depth of reach)
6 - Large slotted (.290" max opening - 1.2" tip depth of reach)
7- 30 degree angled (1/2" ID)
8 - Standard Bullnose (1/2" ID)
9 - Double 45 degree (1/2" ID)

The pictured product(s) can make your prospecting efforts even more convenient, easy and possibly more fruitful than at any other time.

This page offering is for a group of nine pieces however individual quantities and/or combinations are available.
Just inquire by email contact to be provided with an invoice for your specific requirement.