This versatile adapter is constructed to allow a direct feed connection of a SANDMAN hose to most common sluices. It may be clamped directly to the sluice feed flair or to a grizzly/boil box wall on various designs of high banking equipment.

The attachment requires no physical alteration to be made to your existing equipment to fit properly in most instances. With a 1" jaw opening it will easily attach and may be positioned and repositioned on any feed point around your processing equipment that it will fit.

The jaws and handgrip surfaces of the adapter's clamp are covered with a soft, non-marring, vinyl plastic boot. This will help prevent scratches and scuffing damage from occurring to your original equipment surface as well as provide a more secure grip in any orientation on the equipment surface when in use.

The adapter is provided with the same hose clamp mechanism that is provided on the original bucket-to-hose connection point on the SANDMAN Attachment. This design allows easy conversion to the sluice adapter and/or back to the bucket configuration as desired.

The 45
degree material output fitting on the adapter is not glued in place to allow it to either be removed or reoriented at any 360 degree point for the best mounting position on your particular processing equipment.

Price: $17.50